Zombie Movie Night Oct. ’13: Day 1

I’m not going to waste any energy running through the Golden Zombey winners when my brother already does an amazing and thorough job of it on his blog.  http://askmeaboutzombies.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/20122013-golden-zombey-awards/  In particular, I encourage a peek at the file he created, since obviously I wouldn’t plug just a plain old list.  Anyway, congratulations to Warm Bodies, Juan of the Dead and all the other great movies we watched in the last year.  And even though we didn’t award them anything, you should also see World War Z and The Cabin in the Woods.  Really, the next year has its work cut out for it to top this past one.

How will the first batch of films stack up?  Here we go with Year 5…

Corpses stars Jeff Fahey during the pre-LOST dry years as a local sheriff who butts heads with Fred, the local mortician.  Fred, who has lost his wife to the sheriff and is about to lose his funeral home turns to desperate measures.  His experimental new embalming fluid brings the dead back to life for a brief period.  Better still, they are willing to follow his commands as long as he continues to provide them with this life-giving serum.  So of course Fred has them do a lot of robbing and stealing so he can get enough money to save his parlor and win back his wife…somehow.  But things don’t go as planned when the undead start getting a little too murder-y and begin infecting the general populace with their condition.  That tends to draw attention.  Guy trying to make a quick illegal buck but everything goes deadly wrong?  This movie was the inspiration for Breaking Bad!  Vince Gilligan’s secret shame: he ripped off Corpses!

This is a pretty harmless B movie with most of the actors hamming it up because they know this is pure camp.  Fahey goes full-Rambo during the climax even though it makes little sense for his character.  The guy who plays Fred, whose many credits include a lot of Skinemax features, really goes over the top in a way that totally works for the wacky vibe this film goes for.  I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either.  If anything, it’s too restrained.  If you’re campy and you know it, go all the way.  What I mean is basically- No more sex with bras on.  Grade: C+


Next was Dead Space: Downfall, an animated film that serves as a prequel to a video game series I’ve never heard of, let alone played.  The year is the future, and a space crew of space guys use their something-ship (a space ship perhaps?) to unearth some kind of alien space relic.   Unfortunately, the space relic was actually emprisoning a species of space baddies that use human beings as hosts so they can go on a MURDER-DEATH-KILL spree.  Also, the surviving humans can also start going space crazy and turn on each other, making things all the more difficult for our wily crew of space security guards.  IN SPACE!

I obviously don’t know how faithful this is to game canon or if it effectively sets up the events yet to come, but it works as a fairly straight forward survival story featuring space monsters.  The voice acting is solid, as they managed to land the typical cartoon voice cast who each have hundreds of things listed on their imdb pages.  That is some nice work if you can get it.  I can’t say I got too into this; everyone we meet is doomed for obvious reasons, so much so that they even tell you at the beginning and then flash back to what happened.  It’s another case where I didn’t hate it but a year from now, I will barely remember it.  In fact, I had to look at my brother’s blog to remember what the name of the movie was.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement.  Grade: C

dead space



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