The Last Mailman: References

Oh, God, I forgot all about this! I’ve been clearing out my email clutter which was long overdue, and I found something from Tony Papaleo, aka, the only person who submitted an entry for the half-baked contest I came up with well over a year ago. Well, Tony, you win!

Here are the conscious references I made while writing The Last Mailman: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Zombies!

Zombie movie references:
-Jasper, Maria and friends were holed up in a mall prior to the events of the book. DAWN OF THE DEAD

-The original climax of the book, (now more like the three quarter mark in the expanded version) takes place at a farm house. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

-DJ calls Bill’s trained zombie “Bub,” the same name given to the trained zombie in DAY OF THE DEAD.

-There is an intentional “ya know” break when DJ is speaking to Stacey so that the end of his sentence is more pronounced. The end of the sentence being “join us.” EVIL DEAD

-The last line of the book: “They are coming to get us.” is a direct nod to “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

-DJ wipes some goo off his hands after bashing a zombie’s head in and says, “Brains.” RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD
Non-zombie references:

-As Bill realizes zombies can’t hurt him anymore, he shouts things like “Eat me now! What are you waiting for?” very similar to what Dutch screams at the end of Predator.

-As Douglas is being dragged away by the cult he shouts “This is murder!” just as Nic Cage does while being killed by a cult in Wicker Man.

-The whole getting on the plane climax is a spoof of The Poseidon Adventure. Bill screams about Linda being killed just like Ernest Borgnine did and DJ hanging hopelessly and dropping to his “death” is similar to Gene Hackman’s fate.

References too obscure for anyone to get:

-The character of Stacey is named after Stacey Jay, YA author of “You Are So Undead to Me” among others, who as we speak is becoming more and more well-known. She was the first “celebrity” who responded to me on Twitter. “Go help Megan pick the berries” is a reference to Megan Berry, the heroine of YASUTM and later on, Stacey proclaims, “You are so dead to me!”

References only I can get because they came from my dreams!

“I need a bigger umbrella!” could be a reference to Jaws, but it’s also something I shouted during one of my many, many zombie dreams and it stuck with me. 🙂

In the same dream, I imagined being unable to defeat some zombies in a warehouse because they would be wearing hard hats. That became the characters’ reason to not go into a warehouse in the book.

Finally, the whole TLM novel came about because of a dream I had where I was trying to deliver a sentimental locket to someone during the zombie apocalypse but my plane crashed.


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