Monster Brawl

They did a brawl.  It was a monster brawl.

They did a brawl. It was a monster brawl.

I’ve always been a big fan of monsters. As a boy, my friend Jason DePalma and I started a monster club, where the two of us would get together to draw monsters. We also went to see my Best Friend is a Vampire. It was a good club.

I am also a lifelong fan of pro wrestling. From Hulk Hogan to Steve Austin to John Cena, I’ve been there to root against them at almost every turn. (I like the villains). I thought I had outgrown WWE, but this year, my cousin got me back in the fold after a 6 year hiatus. He didn’t exactly have to twist my arm.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the film “Monster Brawl,” which pits legendary monsters against one another in pro wrestling death matches is something that is right up my fanboy alley.

There is no plot to speak of. The movie is presented as if you had ordered a pay-per-view wrestling event. Each match is previewed and talked up by the announce team, there’s a tale of the tape, some very well done vignettes showing the backstory of the various creatures and, in what may be the finest touch, each combatant cuts a promo on his opponent. All of this is hilarious, as long as you know what it’s spoofing… and if you’ve ever heard the words, “whatcha gonna do?, “gimme a hell yeah”, or “you can’t see me!” then you do.

Monster Brawl is a loving tribute to both movie monsters and pro wrestling. The action in the ring is cinematically enhanced slightly but it’s not too far overboard. These look like they could be WWE matches for the most part. Of course, there’s monster-style mayhem, like the ref getting killed or Cyclops using an eye laser, but that’s to be expected. Even my beloved zombies get a lot of screen time, as they are not easily contained to a wrestling ring.

I don’t know if this movie has a rewatchablity factor to it, as once you know who wins the matches, it would probably take away most of the fun, but for one night, I found Monster Brawl to be absolutely hilarious and well worth my time. Grade: A


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