The Walking Dead Issue #95

“Rick, we’re trying to make new friends.  Could you maybe stop killing people for five minutes?” -Carl, Michonne, Glenn, and Andrea.

Tension keeps building as we creep toward Issue 100.  How could Issue #100 not be HUGE?  Much like the TV show of the same name, getting the Walking Dead comic in small chunks at a time often makes it seem like nothing’s happening.  For instance, the show’s search for Sophia took a few days in their time, but six to seven episodes of a show representing a week plays out in the real world as literally months.  In this digital age of having everything now, this seems more annoying than it might have in the past.  If the show is taking forever, the comic seems to move at an even more glacial pace.  I can’t even remember who some people are half the time and they’ve now been at their home in DC for years real-world time.

Anyhoo, having said all that, I was pleasantly surprised to find that in this latest issue, stuff happens.  The comic has a habit of showing us absolutely everything in real time, so as much filler as it was, Issue 94 was dedicated entirely to the road trip to our new frienemy Jesus’ house.  Snore.   In Issue 95, we’re there!  Let the good times commence.

As if a dude calling himself Jesus and pretending to stay handcuffed in order for you to trust him isn’t weird enough, we quickly learn that perhaps the place he came from was rubbing off on him.  The Hilltop should be named Wacky Town.  Ooh, cause it’s wacky.  Two watchguards who are kind of anxious to try out their spears.  The leader of the town who uses Rick’s name correctly, then calls him Nick two panels later.  The tone of this issue is so oddly…funny.  I’ve always enjoyed the gritty apocalyptic ride this series has taken me on, but I can never remember laughing at it before.

Until now.  It took 95 issues to sprinkle in some humor.  Our introduction to Wacky Town culminates in Rick inadvertantly getting caught in the middle of a conflict with  Gregory, the aforementioned town leader, and a returning citizen ordered by another group to kill Gregory so they will give back the people they kidnapped.  Obviously, things don’t run as smoothly between factions as Jesus implied while recruiting Team Grimes.  Rick, always the cop, steps in and ends up killing the attacker in self-defense.  None of this seems all that funny, I know, but in the end, all the townspeople are left staring jaws agape at this stranger covered in the blood of their presumed friend.  And all Rick has to say is “What?”  And that was the first time I ever put down an issue of The Walking Dead while I was laughing.

Good times. Even though we haven’t gotten to the big shocking stuff yet, it’s always a good thing when the filler and build-up stuff is interesting in and of itself.  Looking forward to 96 and of course 100.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Issue #95

  1. I don’t understand why people keep vouching for Rick. Whenever he meets a new person he punches them in the face or holds them hostage, and then later they’re, like, “oh yeah he’s a great guy, trust me.” If someone did that to Rick, he’d murder their families in front of them.

    • On one hand, I can see where Rick is coming from. All he has to do is point to his stump and say, “this is what happened when I just walked right in and trusted people.” On the other hand, there are so many instances now where Rick is such a raging asshole that it sometimes seems like he’s not much better than the Governor. Rick has lost his civility but has somehow been put in charge of civilization. I don’t think it’s an accident that everyone Rick has met since The Gov has been super nice. It’s part of his character now that he is completely broken and can’t trust anyone but himself. He doesn’t even trust his own son’s instinct that Jesus is cool.

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