AMC’s The Walking Dead

One of the best and worst things about living in the internet and social media age is that we have the ability to make our voices heard more readily.  Even if no one cares.  In the 80’s if you thought Bill Cosby’s sweater was ugly, you told your family and friends and that was it.  Today, you can tell everyone you know!  And everyone you don’t know!  You can probably go on Twitter and tell Bill Cosby himself (that special still holds up btw).  Or The Cosby Show costume designer.  It’s amazing.  Like I said, it’s not always a good thing, but it is amazing; you have to admit that.

I’d like to think that this extrarodinary ability for the masses to complain has recently affected our favorite zombie show, The Walking Dead.  The second half of the season since it came back post-Christmas and NFL Playoffs has been every bit as phenomenal as the first half was sucky.  There aren’t enough zombies, you say?  BAM!  There’s been a herd in just about every episode.  The stakes don’t seem high enough, you say?  BAM!  Two main cast credits gone in two weeks!  The pace is too slow, you say?  Well, yeah, they’re still at the farm but at least stuff is happening and it looks like the finale action is going to finally chase our heroes out of their sanctuary.

I came on here last fall to complain about how I didn’t enjoy the season premeire of The Walking Dead.  (because I can!)  I thought in the interest of fairness, I should return to the subject and say that it’s pretty awesome now!


PS:  If you’re not going to the’s sub-section, the TV Club, to read about and comment on every show you watch, then you are really missing out.  While I’ve found that even well-graded episodes are still picked apart and perhaps a bit too overanalyzed, the comments sections are where complaining about things on the internet is at its hilarious best.  Last week’s episode of Walking Dead just hit 1000 comments.  Most people are really funny and sarcastic and right up my alley in terms of sense of humor.  And best of all, there are almost no trolls to speak of.  Nobody starts a flame war over differences of opinion.  Every one just chats and makes jokes and Simpsons references.  I like it a lot and encourage TV fans to check it out.,70352/

Here are some of my favorite comments so far this week:

“Aw right naow Cahhrrrrl, you lissen here.  Dis here pee-yano music means we’s gon have a real meanin’ful conversation, ye hear?”  -‘RantersGonnaRant’

“So, T-Dog, you want to have the opportunity to speak in this episode? Well, in that case, we’re gonna need you on double work duty. And no, you can’t have the couch. Also, please carry this heavy crate around for most of the next hour. Oh, and just FYI, when we assault the zombies, you get the hammer. Sorry, all of the weapons with long handles are already spoken for. What’s that? Oh, you DON’T want to talk? That’s what I thought.”  – ‘Media Entusiast’

“Don’t come back, Shane.” -‘WeaselsRippedMyFlesh’

“The funniest thing tonight was that when we were watching this episode, they showed one of Herschel’s kids (The guy who I don’t think was named). My parents immediately spouted, “Who the fuck was that guy!?” and we had a good laugh over it.”  -Michael Nagle

“I’ve created a Walking Dead drinking game: take a drink every time T-Dog says something of significance. Best thing is, you don’t actually need any alcohol to play!” -‘Senor Pants’

“Shane not the best planner.  What would he have done if Rick split them up differently by sending Shane off with Glen?  Just earlier in the day Rick was going off with Daryl instead of Shane.” -‘Movie Mike’

“I bet the abortions from that hospital Rick got out of must have been fussing like crazy in that dumpster.” -‘Renoroc’

“Why must Daryl be stuck on the ground with those turkeys when he could soar in the sky on the wings of his leather vest?” -‘Amirite Shyamalan’



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