En annan positiv recension

http://www.swedishzombie.com/     I recently linked to an interview I did with swedishzombie.com.  Turns out, they also read it and wrote up a positive review.  It was in Swedish, so I took the liberty of running the text through google’s translator.  It mostly makes sense and is actually a pretty good summary.


From swedishzombie.com:

DJ Haddox is a postman. Or at least that is what he calls himself. He lives in what remains of New York. DJ is working on tracking down individuals on behalf of survivors in the city. There may be someone who had to leave his wife or father behind when fleeing from the living dead. Because zombies have taken over the world and only fragments of the human race has survived, hopfösta in small enclaves NY and Atlanta. We’re talking a few thousand people. It is rarely if ever as a DJ will find someone alive. But he takes his job seriously and always makes sure to bring something back, a letter or a photo. So to those who must live on without a loved and missed family member can make trades. Hence the self-imposed title of “mailman.”
In Atlanta, which they keep in touch with via radio, announced that scientists have found a vaccine against the zombie infection. But in exchange for this, they want some young, beautiful and above all women of childbearing potential. Haddox has been commissioned by New York’s president to comply with the aircraft that will deliver the elect women as payment for the zombie cure. Then follows a kalabalikartad journey both in the air and then down to the ground. And Haddox not only struggling with his doubts over human trafficking, but also meets including an amusing cannibal, a crazy cult leader and his congregation, and a clever guy who has so far done well alone in a kakfabrik. Zombie vaccine then? Without going into details, I can only promise that everything just gets worse and worse.
This is generally a fun book. Burke has some good ideas. As the Haddox use a dog during their mission. Small-size dogs that have the task of attracting any zombies, while her master enters a building. The dogs then go on like hot cakes is another story. The emphasis is however on the humor. If one did not tolerate the idea of ​​a zombie joysticks on an airplane you can see this review as a warning. Certainly there are serious undertones, as the letters to bereaved relatives, but others, who trade in fertile women are treated more as a bit odd feature of the new world. Ideally, the book in the chapter that describes the meeting with various survivors. Burke has created a bunch of really weird and funny characters.
The Last Mailman is a good first novel and is ideal for those who want a humorous and action-emphasized entertainment in a few hours. The author is careful to never let the pace be too slow and the replicas are often catchy. As cannibal old man who likes to barbecue zombies, making the other angry: “Oh, They can eat us, but we can not them?”


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