Coming Attractions

One of the best parts of this wild and crazy ride toward modest success as an author has been the new friends I’ve made and am still making.  I really enjoyed the interviews I conducted with some of them and wanted to do more.  And man, oh man, did my new comrades at Permuted Press answer the call.  My facebook alerts have been ringing off the hook.

Here is the murderer’s row of interviews I have lined up:

  • Jessica Meigs, author of The Becoming trilogy is such a good sport she has agreed to a follow-up interview featuring some questions I guarantee no one has ever asked her before.
  • Eloise J. Knapp (the J stands for Jumanji), author of The Undead Situation answers the tough questions.  We WILL find out what her favorite kind of candy is, damn it.
  • Bowie Ibarra, will take us Down the Road and will hopefully stop when we have to pee.
  • Zombie/superhero mash-up superstar Peter Clines will join me for a no-holds-barred geek-off as we discuss both zombies AND super heroes, believe it or not.
  • Rise, rise, rise (it’s a trilogy) for Gareth Wood!
  • Iain McKinnon, will take time out from ruling over the Domain of the Dead to answer some of my silly questions.
  • The incomparable Kim Paffenroth will be here!  We have a great show.  Stay tuned!  The digital short will probably be kind of funny.
  • Brace yourself.  Craig DiLouie!  THE Craig DiLouie will join me to talk about which season of Desperate Housewives was the best.  Maybe.  I haven’t started preparing the questions yet.
  • Bryan Hall will tell us what’s in Containment Room 7.  It’s probably scary!

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