Zombie Movie Night- Halloween Edition

In the spirit of the spookiest month, we try to jam as many movies into October as we can.  With that in mind, it was time for the second get together in 4 weeks.  It’s Halloween so hopefully they would be reeeeeally scary.  Muwahahaha.

First up was Quarantine 2: Terminal.  I found the first Quarantine to be genuinely frightening and was looking forward to the sequel.  I was surprised to see on imdb that a lot of people liked the second one better because for me, it felt like a standard retread of horror staples and was not very scary.  The setting is part of the problem.  It could have worked as a claustrophobic nightmare on a plane, but I guess that was already done with snakes and even zombies in the terrible Flight of the Living Dead.  Quarantine 2 therefore immediately lands the plane and traps the passengers in the back rooms of an airport terminal.  While the first film felt like a home invasion with no escape, the sequel is just another dark warehouse and I got no sense of intimacy from it.  I’m scared of not being able to leave my apartment because my friends and neighbors are monsters.  I’m not scared of being stuck in the bowels of an airport because random strangers I don’t care about are monsters.

The film also uses the lazy style of the magic disappearing/reappearing villain.  When a zombie is on screen, he is loud and roaring, but when the heroes are looking around, they can’t find them anywhere until the jump scare.  Ridiculous.  I don’t think someone with rabies has the capability to be stealthy.  Even the fattest guy in the movie can hide before attacking and that part was still on the actual airplane!  You know, the thing that’s 90% aisle and seats.

All that said, Quarantine 2 is not bad.  It’s just kind of there.  And ultimately, with two versions of the outstanding original available out there, it was quite unnecessary and I can’t fully recommend it.  Grade: C

In the air, no one can hear a zombie scream


 Guess what!  I got to use one of the dusty buttons on the DVD remote that no one ever uses!  Our second film of the day was Die Zombiejager, which is a German film set in Sweden that still has some English in it.  But not enough to understand what’s going on.  I had to press the subtitle button and thankfully, that worked.  Well, perhaps “thankfully” is not entirely accurate.  Even with subtitles, it’s still pretty hard to work out what’s going on in this film.  It has a solid foundation and an interesting premise, but that’s about it.  The filmmakers really failed to reach their movie’s full potential and it’s slightly painful to watch.  Basically, there are three badass zombie hunters (Die Zombiejager!) complete with their own swirling Batman logo and theme song, who are sent into the city to take care of the local zombie problem.  That sounds cool, but the problem is everything else.  There is an evil mastermind behind the zombie plot and it is unclear if the heroes ever even know about him.  There is a former zombie hunter turned into a super zombie and in some scenes our heroes are tracking him, in others, they don’t seem overly concerned.  The direction is pathetic.  Pointless lingering on nothing.  Pointless focus on zombie deaths, such as a fat woman studying her open wound and eating herself for about five excruciating minutes.  Even though we’re set up with a plot, we’re never actually given any kind of narrative structure.  And for a trio of badass zombie hunters, there is not an original or stylish kill in the bunch.  Hack or shoot, hack or shoot.

@Zombieshakes disagrees, but I was still able to find a certain amount of charm in this movie’s laughable badness.  I found it to be bad enough to enjoy more than some of the American crap we’ve watched.  I’d rather watch a weird German movie that goes nowhere than ever sit through something like the boring Mortuary again.  Grade: D+ 

Die Zombiejager is German for The Zombiejager


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