The 2nd Annual Golden Zombey Awards

Part of the fun of watching so many zombie movies is ranking them.  At the end of Year 1, we decided it would also be fun to recognize some of the best and worst of what we saw.  The only qualification for winning an award is that the film must have zombies in it and we must have watched the film within the last 12 months.  If you acted in a film in the 1980s, don’t think it’s too late to win an award for your performance.  It’s not.  You might win a Golden Zombey in 2011.

For a complete look at past winners, the list of films we watched, the nominees and an appendix full of our comments and emails to each other, check out this file my brother made.  (it’s pretty sweet looking):


And in the short(er) version, here are the Golden Zombey winners for October 2010- September 2011:

BIGGEST “WTF” MOMENT:  The main character sleeps in a bear suit.

Always be prepared for the zombie outbreak...and Halloween

Rammbock is gritty, dark and basically an all-out zombie horror movie.  The bear suit scene is wildly out of place.  And strangely hilarious.

MOST ORIGINAL ZOMBIE ORIGIN:  Demons (1985)- the evil movie prop

If you saw Indiana Jones' hat on display, you'd have to put it on. Same goes for zombie-making demon masks. Really, it's no one's fault.MOST BIZARRE ZOMBIE BEHAVIOR: In Damned by Dawn, the zombies CAN FLY!Really slowly, but still impressive. Romero never thought of THATBEST MASSACRING OF ZOMBIES: The Horde- Ouess' last standOne of my all-time favorite scenes. Probably the greatest one man vs the mob scene in zombie history. BEST UNINTENTIONAL COMEDY: Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill for its dialogue and acting "What's wrong???" repeat x100

BEST VILLAIN (NON-ZOMBIE):  Patrick in Dead Set
It takes a special kind of douchebag to firmly maintain his ass-hattery even in the wake of the zombie apocalypse.  Plus, spoiler alert, he comes up with a really bad plan.

Come with me if you want to live, I mean, die.

 BEST SOUNDTRACK: Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante- John West’s pro wrestler theme song

John West!  John West!

BEST NUDITY: The Dead Pit’s shower dream

3 o'clock! Time to get your shirt pressure washed off your chest.

 Just Google The Dead Pit and the image will come up.  I’m not putting gratuitous boobs in my blog. 😉

BEST ZOMBIE COMEDY: SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis  Look, if you don’t think roundhouse kicking a newborn zombie baby is funny, then I really can’t help you.


OUTSTANDING ZOMBIE IN A ZOMBIE FILM: Plaga Zombie Zona Mutante- The Lollipop Zombie 

Yeah, I could eat you, but I've got this lollipop, see? Wanna play charades instead?

 BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Kathleen McDermott in Dead Set

Jeff and I prepare our categories and nominations seperately and McDermott was the only supporting actress we both had written down.  Now that’s a stand-out performance!

Don't cry. We don't even have a statuette to give you.

 BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR:  Bobby Rhodes in Demons (1985)

Who do you want to take charge during an outbreak- some wussy school kids or a damn pimp? Yeah, that's what I thought.

 BEST ACTRESS– Claude Perron in The Horde

You don’t mess with the zombie-killing chicks.

BEST ACTOR: Joshua Grote in Die-ner (get it?)

The last thing we expected from a movie called “Die-ner” was a great acting performance.  “But that’s why they play the games.”  -Chris Berman

 Not just one of my favorite zombie movies.  One of my favorite MOVIES.  This one was truly awesome.